About Us

Next Wave is a health services research, management consulting, and evaluation firm. We are dedicated to helping all sectors of the healthcare industry and regulators provide access to the highest quality care within their given fiscal constraints. We help our clients balance the competing demands created by existing or proposed Federal and State budgets, patient expectations, health plan resources, and provider needs - all within the context of the rapidly-changing healthcare marketplace.

Next Wave was founded in 1984 by John D. Shaw and a team of experienced professionals with backgrounds in management and reimbursement consulting, staff training, management engineering and clinical systems design. Our areas of primary focus include measuring:

  • Patient, resident or client needs (using assessment and classification systems
  • Quality of care and quality of life (applying outcome and satisfaction measures)
  • Resource consumption (developing or evaluating costing and payment systems)

About John D. Shaw, Founder and President

John has been extensively involved in health care costing, reimbursement, and patient classification since 1972. He has been directly involved in the development and implementation of National and State hospital and long term care reimbursement and quality surveillance systems in a number of states based on case mix methodologies (DRGs and RUGs). John has also served on a variety of projects and Technical Review Panels to develop cost-based case mix indices for DRGs and RUGs over the last 30 years.

In recent years, John has focused on promoting value by integrating payment and quality measures with clinical and social determinate risk factor adjusters.  This includes balancing the health care delivery viewpoint (better care) with population health (better health) in the context of cost (affordable cost) - the Triple Aims of the National Quality Strategy (NQS). This includes evaluation and implemented refinement recommendations for care delivery Quality measures developed by CMS and AHRQ and endorsed by NQF. This also includes identification of priority targets for improving population health for respiratory health through membership on the Board of Directors of the American Lung Association of NYS and Hotspot targeting projects Children's Environmental Health through Board Leadership for Healthy Schools Network and the Coalition for Healthier Schools, and Hotspot targeting projects, Health Disparities through membership on Academy Health's Disparities Interest Group and Hotspot targeting projects for Nursing Home care and Safety Net Providers.